Euro elections – an aimless mess

If you needed further convincing that our mainstream and even fringe political parties have only their own interests at heart, then join us as we take a look at the aimless mess that is the upcoming European Elections.

The Big Two

A divided Labour Party continues to struggle with internal battles between “democratic socialist” Corbynites and business friendly vaguely left leaning liberals. Both sides use Brexit, not as a way to try and help the voters they represent, but rather as a chance to weaken their internal opposition.
Local elections saw support for Labour fall as identity problems continue to confuse potential supporters of “a party with socialists in it”.

The Conservatives handling of Brexit has been seized upon by opportunists within the Party. Power struggles emerge between different strands of Toryism, from shiny polished neo-liberal politicians to those trying to play the populist card or “one nation” Tories. Needless to say that, by acting on remainers’ fears about the economic impact of Brexit, or adding fuel to the fire of those worried about immigration, Tory MP’s seek only to further their own careers and maybe get that bigger second home! Because whatever the degree of hatefulness they present to the public it will not affect them in the slightest, they will continue to live separate lives with big salaries, private health care and private education.

The divides in our biggest political parties highlight that those motivated by power can never truly represent us. They will always be lead by a desire to hold on to what they have or a chance to grab more.

What about an alternative then? From the hydra of hatred Nigel Farage and his newly spawned Brexit Party? Or UKIP, who have tried to plug the gap left by Farage’s resignation with members of the alt-right, rape apologists and islamophobes? The truth is that even with the degree of success these parties have had, (and look to achieve again with The Brexit Party presently polling highest) putting openly or more closeted racists into the European parliament to try and ensure a HARD Brexit will yield little success. After all, the European Parliament has been laughing at Farage since 2014 when he was first elected to Brussels.

But even if these problems could be resolved, elections cannot solve the problems our society faces. By handing over responsibility to power hungry politicians, we continue this real life Game of Thrones and only offer encouragement to those that feel like they deserve to rule over us. Our political system is doing exactly what it is meant to do; serve the interests of the powerful.
So what is the alternative?

The Anarchist Communist Group understands that many people vote in the hope of making a difference, with the word change used like currency from all sides of the political debate. This desire to make a difference, were it channelled into organising in our workplaces and communities at a local and national level, could see the beginning of a society built not for profit and power but of solidarity and mutual aid. The Anarchist Communist Group calls on the working class not to strengthen the grip of the power hungry, bosses, land owners and aristocrats, but to find ways to make it harder for them, to build resistance and fight to defend what we little we have, while working to build the world that we want.