Stormy Petrel

Stormy Petrel (formerly known as Virus) is the Anarchist Communist Group’s theoretical journal.

Stormy Petrel issue 2

The latest issue is a bumper 60 pages of revolutionary anarchist communist thought and ideas. It contains the following: 

  • Building Resilient Communities: The Challenges of Organising Locally
  • Community Activism in South Essex
  • Mutual Aid during the Pandemic
  • Charity or Solidarity?
  • Covid Mutual Aid: A Revolutionary Critique
  • ACORN – no mighty oak!
  • Anarchist Communists, anti-fascism and Anti-Fascism
  • Women: Working and Organising
  • What is Anarchist Communism? (excerpt from Brian Morris’s forthcoming book)
  • Poll Tax Rebellion – Danny Burns
  • Book Reviews – Putting the poll tax rebellion in perspective
  • We Fight Fascists: The 43 Group and Their Forgotten Battle for Post-War Britain
  • Class Power on Zero Hours
  • McMindfulness: How Mindfulness Became the New Capitalist Spirituality

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Virus issue 1

Virus: in the body politic

This issue is dedicated to our late comrade, Colin Parker.

First issue of ACG theoretical magazine Virus: In The Body Politic. 56 pages with articles on : Beyond XR: The Limits of Extinction Rebellion; Capitalism, Land and Climate Change; The Yellow Vests: Where Now?; Anarchy, Punks, and Sweatshops; Organising To Win; Dossier 1919, with articles on Unrest in Britain, the 1919 Police Strike, the Seattle General Strike, the Winnipeg General Strike, and Soviets in Ireland; Anarchist Communism and the Struggle Against Oppression; What Is Fully Automated Luxury Communism; The Socialism of the Intellectuals: Jan Waclaw Machajski; plus book reviews.

£5.15 (p&p included)

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