With or without the Popular Front,the future is not elections

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We publish a translation from a press release the Finistère group of the Organisation Communiste Libertaire in France.

Macron loves to dissolve : the CCIF ( Collective Against Islamophobia in France- ACG), Palestine Vaincra, the Uprisings of the Earth, … and now the National Assembly. It is difficult to analyse Macron’s tactics. Does he hope to be able to maintain a relative majority in the assembly by setting up local republican fronts? Does he dream of himself as a providential man against the far right, even if it means using all the special powers if the RN (Rassemblement National-far right political party , previously the Front National-ACG) wins the legislative elections? One thing is certain, Macron, like others before him, facilitated the rise of the RN through his anti-social, repressive and nationalist policies. Like other countries, the French bourgeoisie prefers an authoritarian regime tinged with democracy to avoid any social revolt, even if it means putting the far right in power.In response, so-called left-wing parties and certain trade union organisations are calling for an electoral “popular front” . Forgotten the oath of 2016 during Nuit Debout “I will no longer vote PS” (PS=Socialist Party-ACG), forgotten the policy of Hollande-Valls which led to an increase in repression, anti-social measures such as the Labour law, the hunt for migrants, etc. Forgotten the Plural Left PS-PC-ecologists which accentuated the disgust of this left in popular circles. We are asked to forget everything and start all over again.Of course, the victory of the RN would not be trivial , it would risk accentuating racist policy and the hunt for the poor. But the RN is not a fascist party in the sense that the parties of Hitler or Mussolini were. It is a radical right party established in the current political game, and the big capitalists are perfectly aware of it and therefore promote it (Bolloré, Arnault, etc.).All the organisations which call to unite in the elections against the RN have, directly or indirectly, been the actors of recent social defeats,contenting themselves with calling at best for one-off “days of action” as during the latest retirement movement, rather than trying to organize a more radical response through the generalization of the strike.If the RN is winning over large sections of the population, it is above all as a result of these defeats. If there is no longer any hope of collectively improving our lives through struggle, individualist withdrawal wins, with adherence to the associated retrograde ideas: nationalism, racism, sexism, etc. The elections will not change anything because even if the left won, it will not restore progressive perspectives . Salaries, living conditions, etc. will not change. All left-wing governments, in France or elsewhere, have betrayed all the hopes placed in them in recent years (Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain, PS in France, associated or not with ecologists or CPs). Let us have no illusions about a new left-wing government which will do like its predecessors: renege on its promises.That said, we obviously leave each person the autonomy of their choice for future elections. The central question for us , whether the RN or others win the future elections: how to promote the autonomy of future struggle movements so that the latter give concrete meaning to the class struggle, give back the meaning of collective victory, and offer other perspectives to the oppressed than the electoral game in which we are trapped.
June 10, 2024
Picture from the anarchist paper Le Libertaire from 1936 and the first Popular Front government.