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By post, write to: ACG, 75 Humberstone Gate, Leicester LE1 1WB
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ACG Groups and contacts
Glasgow ACG
Leicester ACG websiteLeicester ACG Facebook
London ACG websiteLondon ACG Facebook
Peterborough ACG
Surrey ACG
West Yorks ACG Facebook – email

For contacts in Bedfordshire, Devon, Essex, Invergordon, Norfolk, Kent and elsewhere in the country, contact

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Other contacts and links
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Angry Workers of the World:
Communist Workers’ Organisation:
Haringey Solidarity Group:
Industrial Workers of the World:
International of Anarchist Federations: 
John Gray – For Communism – archived at rheocities:
Kate Sharpley Library:
Libcom: – left wing, anti-bolshevik, council communist:
Midlands Discussion Forum:
North East Anarchist Group:
Revolutionary Anarchist Group Birmingham:
Solidarity Federation:
Sparrows Nest archive:
Subversion texts: 
Subversion website archived at reocities:
Třídní Válka/Class War/Guerre de Classe: