If you want to join the Anarchist Communist Group, then here’s what you need to do:

  • read and agree with the Aims and Principles of the ACG
  • join through either a local group or at a national meeting (if you’re not near a local group, it’s possible to arrange a meeting with your nearest members)
  • participate in ACG activities – e.g. meetings, contribute to discussions, campaigns, write articles, etc.
  • attend National Conference
  • pay subs to the national organisation (based on a sliding scale according to what you can afford)

We also suggest you:

Now check you’re NOT one of the following people who cannot join the ACG:

  • police and prison officers
  • those who have the power to restrain or imprison in detention centres of all varieties
  • bailiffs
  • full-time paid trade union officials
  • members of political parties
  • strike breakers
  • those who have ultimate power to hire and fire or those whose primary role in the workplace is to hire and fire
  • those who have the ultimate power to remove benefits
  • those who make a living out of the exploitation of others

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