Palestine Action Rooftop Occupation at Runcorn in Cheshire

Production at a factory which helps make weapons for Israel was brought to a standstill for two days as Palestine solidarity activists staged an occupation on the building’s roof vowing “to stay as long as we can to disrupt the factory.”

Palestine Action activists climbed onto the roof of the APPH factory at Runcorn in Cheshire in the early hours of Thursday 10th of June.

On Friday 11th (the next day)  protesters gathered at the factory gates to support the occupiers.
Huda Ammori, a co-founder of Palestine Action, said:

“APPH is one of the key suppliers to Elbit which provides drones to Israel. This is one of many actions targeting companies linked to Elbit Systems, such as suppliers and landlords who enable Elbit to supply weapons to kill Palestinians.”

On it’s website APPH states the following: “The company produces and supports hydraulic equipment for military helicopters, advanced fighter jets, civil airliners and business jets.”

The occupation ended on Friday 11th June and three members of Palestine Action were arrested.