A new year, a new movement?

Revolutionary New Year greetings!

2020 has been a tough year all round. Coronavirus and the UK government’s cynical handling of the pandemic has brought loss and tragedy into many homes. We’ve also seen job losses due to Covid, and the restrictions of lockdown have been hard to bear for many of us. Add to this, the Brexit uncertainty which continues to overshadow the lives of many working class people, who have to bear the brunt of any job losses, price rises or any other hardships resulting from this ruling class faction fight. Meanwhile, class consciousness is at a low level and nationalism, racism, populism and the politics of conspiracy seem to be on the rise.

Yet it’s not all doom and gloom, this summer saw righteous anger and resistance on a mass scale with the Black Lives Matter movement. We saw examples of real solidarity with the setting up of hundreds of mutual aid groups in response to the pandemic. In the workplace, there has been an increase in the number of successful strike ballots (in spite of the government’s anti-strike regulations) and an upsurge of industrial action in the UK. Overseas, too, there are shining examples of resistance against the boss class, for example, with the mass strikes in India which involved millions of workers.

The Anarchist Communist Group is a working class organisation and our members have faced the same issues as the rest of our class. And though we’ve been limited in our activities due to Covid lockdowns and restrictions, we have continued to hold meetings (online) and publish books, pamphlets and our magazine Stormy Petrel, as well as produce audio and video propaganda. ACG members are involved in struggles where we work and where we live. As an organisation, we have been instrumental in setting up the No Safety, No Work campaign.

But let’s not forget, the ACG is a tiny group of anarchist communist militants, and being a small group limits us in what we can do as an organisation. So yes, we want new people to get involved with our organisation and help us in our activities. So if you like what we’re about, come to our meetings. Get in touch and ask about joining the ACG.

But it’s not just about the ACG either. We work with others outside of our organisation because we want to see the development of a wider revolutionary working class movement that will be better able to take the fight to the ruling class.

So let’s make 2021 the year we work towards building such a movement. Whether you’re an individual who wants to join the ACG or whether you’re part of a group or campaign that would like to work with the ACG, drop us a line at info@anarchistcommunism.org

Anarchist Communist Group