Covid-19 Whistleblowing at Ridge Crest Cleaning

workers marching

“I can pick you some masks up from the office and drop them into you. If you guys feel safer with masks and it means everybody goes back and gets rid of the union and we go back to being a nice, civil environment and everything’s OK, then yeah, OK, I can get some masks there for you, Tuesday at the latest.”

Emma McNabola, Ridge Crest Cleaning regional manager

This comment came after Ridge Crest cleaners, members of the union United Voices of the World (UVW), walked off the job at Ark Globe Academy on 4th and 5th June.

Shocking both for Ridge Crest’s flagrant couldn’t-give-a-shit attitude to the Covid-19 pandemic and its union-busting manipulation, the ACG is nevertheless not surprised to hear such stories. Many of you reading this may have, or know someone who has, experienced this kind of behaviour from employers.

The only rational response is to organise (as indeed UVW members are doing at Ridge Crest) and fight.

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