Energy price rises put millions over the poverty line

The rise in energy prices will drive more than 25% of UK households, that is, 15 million people, over the poverty line.

The subsidies and rebates handed out by the Tory government have had a minor effect on this appalling situation.  Britain has the worst record in Europe for deaths caused by fuel poverty. Fuel poverty charities have estimated that 10,000 people die each year in the UK because they cannot heat their homes.

The Tory government increased subsidies for fuel companies dependent on fossil fuels and nuclear energy. £10 billion a year are handed out to these companies in subsidies and tax breaks. These companies have announced record profits. They massively increase carbon emissions. Meanwhile the government balks at the idea of a comprehensive insulation programme for all housing, jailing Insulate Britain activists for demanding this. At the same time it has unleashed draconian measures against Just Stop Oil activists for protesting against the companies involved in driving the ecological and climate crises.

The onward rush to climate disaster can be halted by a decarbonisation of the whole economy, with a switch to renewable energy. Combined with a comprehensive insulation programme this would have a significant effect on climate change. However, so-called green solutions under capitalism are bound to fail. Capitalism depends on infinite growth and accumulation. Only a social revolution where the energy companies are taken over by the working class and socialised, and switched to renewable energy sources, along with the socialisation of public transport, can lead to a drastic de-carbonisation and a halt to the climate crisis. In the meantime, calls for insulation programmes and an end to the massive subsidies of the energy companies should be increased.

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