War in Ukraine: ACG public meeting, 13 April

What does the slogan ‘No War but the Class War’ mean in the inter-imperialist conflict between Russia and NATO-backed Ukraine?

About this event

This meeting is online and takes place at 7pm (BST) on Wednesday 13 April

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The recent actions of the Russian state in Ukraine follow on from its military support for the Assad regime in Syria, its presence in Libya, its intervention in Kazakhstan to help crush the revolt there, its support for the Lukashenko regime in Belarus, and its disguised military presence in Africa via the Wagner Group. In all these cases the Russian state wants to maintain/further its imperialist interests.

In opposing Russia the NATO countries have chosen to back Ukraine, both politically and with limited military support. Western liberalism has re-embraced a (supra-)nationalism.

The conflict poses uneasy questions and issues for libertarian communists, especially for those in “the West”. What action can/should groups take? Should support be given to Ukraine, and if so what does that mean? Is ‘no war but class war’ just a slogan? Can it be turned into something more? What are the longer term outcomes, is a new cold (or even hot) war beckoning?

This public meeting organised by the Anarchist Communist Group intends to give discussion to these questions and hopefully provide, if not answers, some clarity about how communists and anarchists can approach the matter.

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