The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation-New ACG Pamphlet Out!

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The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation has a history. Originally written by Nick Heath in 1973-1974 as an internal education paper for the Anarchist Workers Association, the document was the central theme of one of that organisation’s Summer Schools in London.

However, the text remained an internal one until it was published as an article in its original form but under the title The Role of A Revolutionary Organisation in the journal Virus (No.5 Winter 1985/1986). It then appeared as an Anarchist Communist Federation pamphlet in 1991 and such was its popularity, it was reprinted in 1995, 2003, 2007 and 2008. The text was substantially rewritten twice, most recently in 2014 and a significantly revised version continues to be published by the Anarchist Federation.

This version is also a product of revision and of rewriting by the original author and others. It makes the case for a specific libertarian communist organisation and outlines the role that such an organisation has the potential and the duty to fulfill in the struggle for revolutionary social transformation.