Black and Red December: Festive Compendium

This is your chance to get all the ACG pamphlets as well as the latest Stormy Petrel in one special offer. The ACG is one of the main publishers of accessible and affordable anarchist material on a range of topics, both historical and current. Benefiting from the collective input of our members and international contacts, we are at the forefront of developing anarchist theory and ideas, firmly rooted in practice.

All this for just £18.00!!!

Stormy Petrel 3:  Covid, anti-fascism, land and food, anti-imperialism and nationalism, the Green New Deal and more

Historical Pamphlets: Friends of Durruti and the Spanish Revolution, Wilhelmshaven Revolt, Italian Factory Councils, Kronstadt

Anarchist Theory: The Organisational Platform of Libertarian Communism, two pamphlets on the ideas of Malatesta (Organisation and Violence), What ever happened to the Revolution?

Current Issues: Food, Health and Capitalism: Beyond Covid 19, The Politics of Division: An engagement with identity politics, Land and Liberty

Offer runs till Friday 7th January

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