Fourth UK wide Conference of Anarchist Communist Group

The fourth conference of the Anarchist Communist Group, which took place online on Saturday 23rd October was upbeat and enthusiastic. All the groups of the ACG were represented. ACG members discussed our audiovisual and social media activities, the production of stickers, pamphlets and our publications Jackdaw and Stormy Petrel. There are plans for a new Jackdaw relating to the COP26 conference in Glasgow, as well as a number of new stickers, with new ACG pamphlets also in the pipeline.

It was also decided to continue with regular online meetings as well as the setting up of an online reading group, both of which we hope will put us in contact with a wider number of interested people. Work around the Kill the Bill movement and the No Safety No Work campaign was also discussed, and a session on how to grow the ACG. The need for education of new members was also on the agenda, with conference deciding to set up regular educationals at local and UK-wide level. Altogether an enthusing and positive conference, with time for a laugh or two.