Spain: farm workers on indefinite strike

Farmworkers in Almeria, southern Spain, have been striking for over a week now against wage fraud, illegal contracts and union busting by the British company Fresh Tom Export, which grows food in Almeria, for export to the UK and elsewhere. Fresh Tom Export exploits its workers with dodgy contracts and is in breach of labour laws. In response, farmworkers are on indefinite strike with daily pickets in front of the company gates.

The firm, Fresh Tom Export, operates to Ireland, the UK and other European countries through a distribution company called Cortés Ltd.

The workers need you to put pressure on management. So, to show your solidarity, send complaints to the company and let them know that the workers in Almeria are not alone.

An injury to one is an injury to all!

In UK: CORTÉS LTD (Cobham, KT11 3BW)

Tel. 0208 399 3231.


In Spain: and

You can also send complaints to

See strikers’ video here