New Pamphlet: Against capitalist wars, against capitalist peace

In Ukraine, the Czech Republic, the UK, Italy, Syria, France etc… All over the world there is a voice against capitalist wars and also against capitalist peace. Only class war can end this terror and that is what we mean when we say No War but the Class War.

The new pamphlet contains 14 texts by various groups and individuals. The aim is to explain and affirm the meaning of antimilitarism, internationalism and revolutionary defeatism. The publication will be presented for the first time at the Balkan Anarchist Bookfair in Ljubljana. The pamphlet is also available for download in PDF.

Produced by Anti-Militarist Initiative in the Czech Republic, this pamphlet contains 2 texts by the Anarchist Communist Group, as well as a text by the No War But the Class War group in Liverpool, among other articles.