Spycops exposed and condemned

ITV News: Met Police unit’s spying was ‘not justified’ and squad ‘should have been closed down’, report finds


LBC Andrew Marr show – Steve Hedley (ex-RMT Assistant General Secretary) interviewed about the spycops scandal. Starts 24m 20secs in….


BBC 1 News at 6pm


BBC 2 Newsnight – a major piece, including interviews with women activists targeted. [Starts 18mins in]


The first official ‘interim’ report from the Undercover Policing Public Inquiry has condemned the Metropolitan Police’s ‘unjustifiable’ spycops operations and concluded the unit should have been closed down. The unit was secretly set up in 1968 after the massive Vietnam War protests, and continued infiltrating groups and spying on a campaigners (over 1,000 left-wing and progressive groups targeted) for the next 40 years. To that end the spycops employed a range of shocking and totally unacceptable tactics.

Following the spycops campaigners press conference today almost every major TV channel had a reports like the ones above. So at last the scandal is fully recognised and campaigners are vindicated after years of hard work exposing the truth.

Still a long way to go before the Inquiry ends in 2026 – we continue to demand the names of the spycops, a full list of all the organisations targeted, and the files compiled on activists should be released.

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