Cost of Living: London Public Meeting and Leaflet to Download

Prices are soaring, at the shops and in our energy bills. It’s becoming more and more of a struggle for many to pay bills. At the same time, wages, benefits and pensions have been virtually frozen for years. This is happening whilst big business is making massive profits and the rich are getting richer and richer. The divide between the haves and the have nots is opening wider.

We will discuss what is happening now both in the workplace and in the community and consider how to organise resistance in the workplace and in the community. How can the struggles be joined up?

Join Plan C, the Angry Workers, the ACG, and Don’t Pay to discuss organising effective resistance to the cost of living crisis. It is an in-person meeting at the May Day Rooms in Fleet St London. To Register and for more details see:

Here is a leaflet on the Cost of Living to giving out over the coming period. Please download and hand it out where you can.