All Out! The Current Strike Wave-London ACG Public Meeting

Meeting convened by London Anarchist Communist Group

Now that capitalism is forced to increase its attacks on the working class in order to preserve its profits, the working class is driven into struggle by necessity, necessity to preserve the old social welfare benefits that had been won through struggle in the first place, and to fight against the cost of living crisis. This can be seen in the mass wave of strikes that has taken place in France to defend pensions, a struggle that is continuing. It can be seen in the unprecedented wave of strikes in the UK, involving different sectors

The tempo of the class struggle is speeding up. However, all of these struggles are defensive, in response to the vicious attacks of the boss class. Whilst these strikes are leading to a re-emerging class consciousness, to the awareness that workers belong to a class and that solidarity and direct action are necessary, we are far from a situation where our class is confident enough to develop its own base organisations and to proceed to profound social change.

That is why it is important now to push the idea of grassroots organisations against the machinations of the union bureaucrats, who are hindering and obstructing strike action both here in the UK and abroad.

The ACG, Angry Workers, Plan C, and Communist Workers Organisation will discuss recent and forthcoming strikes in the UK and elsewhere. Plenty of time for q. and a. and discussion.

Tuesday, May 23rd. 7pm at May Day Rooms 88 Fleet Street London EC4Y 1DH. Nearest tube Blackfriars.

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