Stormy Petrel: issue 3 is out now!

Hot off the press, this latest issue of Stormy Petrel, the ACG mag is packed full of in-depth and analytical articles.

Issue 3 contains:

Editorial: capital is burning  
No one is safe until everyone is safe: lessons from the pandemic 
The green new deal: a fake solution to the climate crisis 
Land food and revolution 
Especifismo: challenges and opportunities 
Working class antifascism: engaging the working class where traditional politics has failed 
Anti-imperialism: a critique 
“Freedom Come All Ye”: an anarchist communist critique of nationalism 
From the Commune to Kronstadt 
The Ides of March 
The battle of Blair Mountain 
The attack on counter-culture in the UK 

Book reviews: 


  • Book of Trespass: crossing the lines that divide us 
  • Who owns England? How we lost our green and pleasant land and how to take it back 

Rewilding and biodiversity 

  • Wilding: the return of nature to the British farm 
  • Rebirding: restoring Britain’s wildlife 

No politics without enquiry? 

  • Workers’ enquiry and global class struggle: strategies, tactics, objectives 

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