Covid-19 and Mutual Aid

As the Coronavirus spreads and the system goes deeper into crisis, and with a decimated health service after years of neglect, the current Johnson government desperately puts ‘business as usual’ before the health of the population. Indeed, the Johnson regime is showing itself to be less reliable than many of the ruling elites in numerous other countries, with its default position of bullshit, lies and manipulation, all bolstered by a compliant mass media. Health workers on the ground will do their best but obviously, we can’t expect miracles from the government, the council, the authorities in general… nor should we. Essentially, it’s down to us, each and every one of us to look out for each other.

You are not alone

In the spirit of solidarity and mutual aid, hundreds of local Mutual Aid groups have taken off in response to the crisis. These are made up of ordinary members of the public, people who are self-isolating and those so far unaffected by the virus, all willing to give a hand to neighbours, the elderly, the most vulnerable. There are too many groups to list here, but if you want to check the whole list (with new groups setting up all the time), you can…

Find your nearest group here!

Big thanks should also go to Freedom News for first bringing news of these groups to the attention of many of us. See their original article with a list here:

ACG members are already involved in our local mutual aid groups, we should also be publishing a more detailed article on the crisis soon. In the meantime, keep safe and look out for each other.