The Dead End of Corbynism – ACG meeting: London 20/10/18

2pm on Saturday 20th of October, as part of the “Not the Anarchist Bookfair” festival, the ACG will be holding a public discussion meeting at:

The May Day Rooms
88 Fleet Street
London EC4Y 1DH

The Dead End of Corbynism
The Anarchist Communist Group notes the recent trend of many on the Left (including some who call themselves anarchists, libertarian socialists and anti-authoritarian communists) seeing a Corbyn led Labour Party as a great step forward in the class struggle. In this meeting, the ACG will be hosting a discussion on why the Labour Party can never offer hope for anti-capitalists in the UK and we will be looking at what we should do instead. Apologies for mistakenly advertising this for 1pm. The web  editor concerned has been consigned to our lovely Gulag… er… pleasant holiday cottage for re-education.

Not the Anarchist Bookfair  – Friday 19th to Sunday 21st October
The London Anarchist Bookfair has been a crucial fixture in the anarchist calendar since 1983. This year the bookfair is on what -we hope- is a very brief hiatus. It is vital the tradition remains and the work of spreading anarchist ideas continues. To go some small way to filling the gap, the organisers of the London Radical Bookfair have proposed having a decentralised festival of anarchist ideas and action, involving as many of London’s anarchist leaning bookshops, social centres and campaign groups as are willing to take part. More info and listings available from