Food, Health and Capitalism: Covid-19 and Beyond – new ACG pamphlet

New Pamphlet out soon!

This pamphlet goes to the roots of the current pandemic, locating the causes in capitalism, including land use, the way we organise food production, and what we eat. It starts by looking at zoonotic diseases – those that have moved from animals to humans – and discusses how capitalism created the environments for lethal human-animal interactions. It moves on to discuss industrial agriculture, its use of antibiotics, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, and its impact on health. The pamphlet then continues with a look at food consumption and the role of capitalism in facilitating not just zoonotic diseases but also non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Unhealthy diets are discussed in the context of food insecurity, domination by global food corporations and class inequality. The pamphlet takes a critical look at meat eating in creating a range of health and environmental issues.

Price: £3.50, including postage, for this 44 page pamphlet.