The Beautiful Idea: Why we need anarchist communism now

Online Public Meeting Convened by Anarchist Communist Group

Monday, March 18th 7-9pm

We are going through an unprecedented time of human history, in which even the future of the planet is at stake. This was not inevitable. It is the result of the systems that have been brutally imposed by a ruling elite, including colonial expansion and imperialism, which gave rise to global capitalism. This system as spread to ever corner of the world, bringing with it exploitation, oppression, wars and environmental disaster.

We believe that only anarchist communism can save the day. The ruling class is desperate to make us think that the serious issues we are facing can be resolved within capitalism, with continual growth and profits for a few. Too many in the trade unions, reformist parties and environmental believe the same. Demands for a ‘Just Transition’ or a ‘green economy’ are still all within the logic of capitalism.

Other options are being put forward by Communists of the Leninist tradition. Though they call for revolution, theirs would be a top-down one, sacrificing our freedom in the process. Anarchism, without the communism, is also an inadequate solution. Focusing on individual freedom and being anti-authority does not address the big changes that need to take place in our economic and social systems.

Instead we propose anarchist communism. As Malatesta said:

“We too aspire to communism as the most perfect achievement of human solidarity, but it must be anarchist communism, that is, freely desired and accepted, and the means by which the freedom of everyone is guaranteed and can expand; for these reasons we maintain that State communism, which is authoritarian and imposed, is the most hateful tyranny that has ever afflicted, tormented and handicapped mankind.”

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