From Gaza to Tel-Aviv and to the whole World… No War But Class War!

We re-publish the following statement from Tridni Valka (Class War) . The Anarchist Communist Group is preparing a statement on the situation that we will be publishing soon.

Statement from Tridni Valka (Class War) in Czech Republic:

From Gaza to Tel-Aviv and to the whole World… No War But Class War!

October 7th, 2023 – another day of a bloody, decades-long conflict between opposing capitalist factions in the territory of “Israel/Palestine”. Our bourgeois masters are once again pushing our proletarian brothers and sisters to murder each other and expect us – depending on where we live – to rally in support of one or the other side.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad are launching rockets against the towns in “Israel” as well as sending their militias to go street by street and execute or kidnap “civilians” and “soldiers”… just like what happened in Srebrenica, in Sabra and Shatila, in Bucha…

IDF is bombing and shelling indiscriminately across the Gaza ghetto, flattening whole neighborhoods, as well as cutting off the supply of water, electricity, food, medicine… just like what happened in Fallujah, in Homs, in Mariupol… or just like it did so many times before.

We have heard justifications for support of the war in the territory of “Palestine/Israel” many times – perhaps more than any other conflict since the WW2 is this one portrayed as a “Holy War” between “good and evil”. We see this warmongering bourgeois argumentation coming from media, politicians, “right”, “left” and “ultra-left” as well as some of the so-called “communists” and “anarchists”.

The bourgeois ideological construct of “Israeli/Jewish exceptionalism” is tossed around both in a positive and in a negative sense and used by our class enemies to prevent, hinder and crush the development of the class solidarity between “Jewish/Israeli” and “Arab/Palestinian” proletarians.

On one hand “Jews/Israelis” are allowed to defend their “state and identity” even by some of those that claim to be revolutionaries and to oppose all states and national identities, because they “uniquely suffered” during the Holocaust.

On the other hand, different groups that also claim to be revolutionaries and to “fight for the working class interests” never extend their call for fraternization to “Jewish/Israeli” proletarians and instead lump them together with their “own” bourgeoisie and call for destruction of Israel as “uniquely oppressive state”. At the same time, instead of supporting the proletarians in Gaza and West Bank to rise up against their “own” exploiters, they call for a support of the “Palestinian” national state.

As communists, we totally reject all false communities that try to unite the exploited with their exploiters; the proletariat in the territory of “Israel/Palestine” has no common interests with its “own” bourgeoisie, just as global proletariat has no common interests with global bourgeoisie!

“Anti-imperialism” and “national liberation” are nothing else than defense of imperialist interests of that faction of the bourgeoisie, that is not currently dominant. Nothing changes in this regard, if that side is much weaker, or if some of its leaders are willing to sacrifice themselves for their cause!

As communists, we call for a destruction of all states equally, as they are nothing else than the local expression of the global capitalist State, a structure of organized violence of the bourgeois class against the proletarian class!

Proletarians in the “Israeli” forces – you have no interest in defending any “Jewish Homeland”, it is a land of “your” bourgeoisie, not yours! Refuse to shoot and refuse to enforce the blockade that is starving millions of your class brothers and sisters. As you have shown many times before, refuse to follow the orders, resist the military service!

Proletarians in the “Palestinian” forces – you have no country to conquer! Refuse to kill or be killed for the interests of your exploiters!

Proletarians on the “home” front – how many times have you suffered bombing, shelling, shooting? How many times you were violently repressed by your “own” State when you dared to strike or protests? For how long have you lived in misery? Rise up and refuse to support “your” State and its wars, you can lose nothing but your chains!

In “Palestine/Israel” as well as in “Ukraine”, “Azerbaijan/Armenia”, “Sudan” and elsewhere, our class enemies are turning us either into cannon fodder or into cannon makers. More and more, all these “local” bourgeois conflicts are helping with the formation of few opposing super-blocks, that are coming closer and closer to the open, possibly nuclear, military confrontation. Confrontation that has potential to end all life on this planet.

Our only hope is to turn the weapons against our “own” generals, against our “own” bosses, to refuse to obey the orders, to refuse to produce the war materials – to oppose both the carnage of the capitalist war and the misery of the capitalist interbellum (or as our class enemies call it “peace”)!

Let’s take the example from our comrades that mutinied in “Russia” and “Germany” against the slaughter of the WW1, or those that fraternized across the trench line in the war between “Iraq” and “Iran”, or those in the “American” uniforms during the war in “Vietnam” “fragging” their officers!

Proletarians with and without uniform, let’s organize together against the capitalist system of exploitation of the human labor that lies in the root of all the misery, all the State oppression and all the wars!

Let’s turn this war into class war for the global communist revolution!

Tridni Valka – October 8th, 2023