The Idea




Anarchist Communism: Past, Present and Future.

Published by Just Books in Belfast, Nick Heath’s new book is a timely addition to the literature on Anarchist Communism.

Second printing with new cover.


Brian Morris, anarchist and author, on The Idea:

‘It is a good, substantial book, and much needed. Lucidly written, it provides a rich brew of engaging discussions of the “Idea” (anarchist communism as a political philosophy), interesting vignettes of the life and ideas of many individual anarchists, and a great historical account of the many anarchist communist organisations over the last 150 years. I particularly appreciated the sentiments expressed on the final page of the book.’

Clifford Harper, anarchist and artist, on The Idea:

‘Well done, it’s a really great book and I hope it has many readers, as it really deserves them… Also I must thank you for using my illustrations, I’m proud that my work is on it’s pages.’

W., Iraqi Kurd anarchist exile, sentenced to death twice by the Saddam regime, on The Idea:

‘What an influential revolutionary book you have brought to light for the readers of communist anarchist ideas. Five hundred pages of a broad history of the anarchist struggles for the past two hundred years in many parts of the world. This book The Idea will enrich bookshops greatly and will influence generations of Anarchists for decades to come.